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With gas prices at a high, it’s understandable to want to do everything you can to cut your costs. Fortunately, with a few changes to your daily driving habits, you may not have to fill up so often. Here are some tips from our Honda service center.

Reduce Your Trips 

Clearly, the less often you drive, the less gas you will use. This is why you should take as few trips as possible. For example, try to get all your shopping done in one day if you can. Also, be more strategic about where you go and how you get there. Any miles you shave off your trips will save you money.  

Don’t Ride the Pedals So Much 

If you’re too eager to get going after a stop sign or red light and aggressively press the gas pedal, you’re needlessly wasting gas. Look for opportunities to coast so you don’t have to accelerate so much. Also, gliding to a stop instead of braking so hard will be a big help.  

Lighten Your Load 

Do you have a lot of stuff sitting in your car that doesn’t need to be there? It could be hurting your gas mileage. If you have any big or heavy items that aren’t necessary to travel with, take them out.  

Check Your Cap 

You may not realize it, but your gas cap could be wasting you money. If the rubber seal is worn, it may be causing gas to evaporate from the tank. Check it to see if it needs to be replaced.  

Get Honda Service 

The right service tasks could also help you get more out of a tank of gas. These involve making sure your tires are inflated to the proper levels, changing the oil, and replacing the engine air filter. You can get all these, and so much more, done at the service center at Hall Honda Huntersville.  

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