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Even if you’re not sure when your car needs service, your car probably knows. These are the signs to pay attention to when it comes to needing a new air filter in Huntersville, NC:  

Your Gas Mileage Has Dropped 

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your air filter needs to be swapped out is if you find yourself needing to get gas more often than usual. In order for an engine to run optimally, it needs proper airflow, which comes through the filter. When the filter is dirty, it’s more difficult for the air to come through. This results in your engine having to work harder, which hurts fuel economy.  

It Looks Dirty 

It’s a good idea to take a look under your hood periodically, and one thing you should be examining is the air filter. New filters are generally white, so it will be pretty obvious if yours is dirty. In some instances, they can be cleaned, but if it’s dark gray or even black, it needs to be replaced. 

Your Car Has Trouble Starting 

If it takes some time to get the engine started, this could be another indication that the filter needs to be changed. When not enough air can get through to the engine, this can impact the spark plugs which can prevent them from being able to spark properly. 

It Hasn't Been Changed in a While 

An engine air filter should be replaced about every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or every other time you get your oil changed. If yours has gone a lot longer than 15,000 miles, it is almost certainly time for a new one. 

If you need a new air filter, just get in touch with the service center at Hall Honda Huntersville to have one put in. 

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